The Judgement About Judgements

Judgements are easy. Passing judgements is easy. On the other hand, something that is not easy is when someone else judges you. Most people find judgements being passed about them extremely offensive. But what's really wrong with a little bit of judgement? Here's the answer- they're about people. It's no wonder that people these days... Continue Reading →

The Courage To Do Something

So a few days ago was a debate, which I was a part of, and to be honest, I was absolutely terrified. That's right. No more hiding it from anyone anymore. However, even all this stage-fright did not stop me from thinking so much about fear, which led me to writing this blog post today.... Continue Reading →

Just A Few Words

In my opinion, writing is an art that requires a lot of time and effort. I put in a lot of time in my blog posts, essays, or in my poems. And I learn throughout this thinking process. The power of words is tremendous. Words can change anyone's mind, they can change any situation. Just... Continue Reading →

The Anxious Killer

I'm sure everyone worries about their future at some point or another. Just a few days ago, one of my friends (who is 15, going on 16) was worrying so much about his future options in the professional sector. He had opted for the arts and wanted to change to Commerce since he felt that... Continue Reading →

Everything Always Changes

One thing that's always been difficult for me in life is coping with changes. I realize how bad it sometimes gets when something just changes. It's not like I've always had this sort of problem, I'm guessing it's more of a teenage phase. Whether it's something as simple as the weather, or a room I'm... Continue Reading →

The Source of Happiness

Everyone deserves to be happy. But here's the catch. Being happy isn't exactly easy. Here's a little story that I have today. It's not really about happiness, it's more about how much we appreciate what we already have in life. I know all about how people keep saying that being happy requires the never-ending appreciation... Continue Reading →

The Grey World Of Yours

Today I have a poem that I wrote last year. Do let me know in the comments how you like it! You see the world like it is grey, It's colours are all one shade darker, Truly, it lies within your own eyes, The secret that's going to make you smarter. You see the dullness... Continue Reading →

I’m A Control Freak

So many times in life, I have felt extremely anxious and depressed for the simple fact that the situation around me wasn't exactly in my favor. Now, I am (sort of) an organized person, so when things in life get a little bit out of control, I tend to freak out. It's not very rare... Continue Reading →

The Imaginary Invalidation…

What I had in mind today for my blog post came to me because of the special assembly conducted at school. There was this play presented called "The Imaginary Invalid" and it was absolutely amazing. It is a play by the French playwright Moliere, about a hypochondriac named Argan, who wants to marry his daughter... Continue Reading →


So there was this super-normal day at school when everything was going smoothly. There's this distant murmur of people talking. You don't know what they're talking about, but you're not really interested either. Now there's nothing more interesting in someone else's conversation other than your own name, is it? So you try to listen in,... Continue Reading →

Things Club Penguin Taught Me

I realise how late this post is, but for people who don't know what Club Penguin is, it used to a be virtual world full of penguins living on an island called the Club Penguin Island. It was mainly for kids between the age of six and twelve. Each player had their own avatar and... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of the Rains

Okay, so I study in a place where the sun is hardly seen for at least three and a half months every year during the rainy season. Some of you might know this place, and some of you might not. For those of you who don't, it's a hill station called Mussoorie, in India. I... Continue Reading →

A Little Spark Called “Idea”

An idea is all that's needed to change the world. That's what some people think. People die, but their ideas live on, for ever. That's the truth of it. But when does an idea become materialistic? When does it start changing you, and your surroundings? Is it when that little idea flashes in your mind, or... Continue Reading →

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