I’m So Sorry!

Alright. I know how long it’s been, and no, I wasn’t kidnapped. Okay, so getting serious now, I know how inactive I’ve been over the past few days, and to be honest, I’m surely the one to blame here. No excuses. Just kidding. There is one, actually. So, my exams are coming up and I’ve […]

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The Truest Face of All

Everyone comes across such situations in their lives wherein they feel very conscious of what others think of them. In such situations, people tend to behave in ways they wouldn’t usually behave. I think I have used this quote on this blog before as well. “The greatest risk any of us will ever take is […]

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First Times

Well, you know how you just cannot change some things in life? Today I was reminded of just this, and as I reminded myself, I realised that I had never really thought about this. The inevitability of death. Today was my first time at a funeral, and to be honest I didn’t know what to […]

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Just Ticking By

Well, it’s been a busy week, and as we near the weekend, I realise the growing importance of time in my life. It’s not like I had never realised it before, it’s just that I’ve given this topic way more attention now than I would normally do otherwise. It dawned on me simply because of […]

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How Things Change

Well, I have lived for a total of 17 years and the only thing in my life that has never changed is “change” itself. Thanks to the protective environment I’ve always been in, I’ve never really experienced change on a very large scale. It has never been a problem for me to fit in because […]

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My Crying Soul

Forget the past, the dead the gone, Today is nigh, no want for mourn. Be yourself, a human, that is, Keep calm, and stay full of bliss. Many have died performing tasks so deep, In my mind I mean to keep. No harm for you whatever may have happened, Get over it and get enlightened. […]

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Five Reasons For You to be Happy

Happiness is easy. Right? Well, not so much. Sometimes you just need to experience something other than happiness, just to calm you down. Sadness, anger, doubt – everything is just as important as happiness itself. So today, let’s just focus more on being happy and not on any other emotion. Here are five reasons for […]

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