Hi there. Welcome to this extremely special part of my blog. Why, you would ask. The answer is simple. Everything in life has purpose and meaning. This page will tell you what’s the deal with this blog.

Lets start off with a nice introduction. Hi! I’m Jasjaap, a 17 year old. Most people find it difficult to pronounce my name, so lets just call me Sam. I am the typical passer by who really would strike as a nerd at first sight, but I justify that as being… not interesting in the typical way.

I’ve had a bit of experience with blogging before I started this blog. You can check out my social media profiles by clicking any of the links in the navigation bar.

So, about this blog. I have always loved reading what people think about something. Seeing something from someone’s point of view has always been very important for me. I think that everyone needs to be heard. And this is where I want to be heard. Of course, there are a million other platforms where I can present my views, but why restrict myself to some good old social media website when I can have my own blog?

When I first started blogging, I used to blog about an online multiplayer game called Club Penguin, which I just loved. I was very passionate about writing and updating it every once in a while. A few years later, I didn’t know what to blog about. I was all confused about what I liked. Turns out, I didn’t like much back then, but now I know. I’ve had certain experiences that I need to tell people around me. They’re mostly good, but it never harmed to have something a little scary once in a while.

Well, that’s  pretty much all this blog is about. You. And me. And everyone who has ever come across this blog, even if by accident. I hope you enjoy your stay. Do not hesitate to look around!